Your Source for Asset Management

At REO Management Services, we understand the complexities of asset portfolio management. With over 30 years of experience in managing one-of-a-kind, high-value properties along side our thorough knowledge of real estate construction is what sets us apart. With a proven track record and thorough knowledge of the REO Management industry, we ensure minimized loss with above average returns. With our high level of expertise with consulting on the complexities of high-end REO management and divestiture, we leave nothing to chance!

Our Key Competencies Include:

  • Asset valuation and “best use” strategies
  • Real estate broker selection and oversight
  • Property management and repair
  • Local counsel and inspection coordination
  • Web-Supported management reporting
  • 24-hour access

Our Services

100% Pre Foreclosure Services

pre foreclosure services
• Litigation Tracking
• Short Sale Negotiation
• Property Preservation

REO Property Management

reo property management
• Value Review for Reduction of Reserve
• Closed Property Expense Reporting
• Home Manager Program

Construction Management & Repair

construction management and repair
• Insurance Claim Management
• Municipal, HOA Compliance & Fine/Lien Mitigation
• Repairs Analysis for Increased ROI/Contractor Compliance

Our Value

Based on experience, we believe many opportunities are overlooked in dealing with real-estate owned properties. When attempting to manage REO in distant, unfamiliar locations, particularly high-value properties, a first hand knowledge of the area, its trends, market conditions, and forecast activity can mean greater recovery.

Understanding all of these factors, and knowing when a modest improvement can have a multiplier effect on realized sale price, is the benefit of extensive experience and a finely tuned art. This is our expertise and value added.

Knowing local lending laws, the intricacies of documents and the compliance complexities, means you will always deal from a position of legal correctness and strength.

The difference at REO Management Services is that we are real estate professionals that have done it all – not only as a service provider, but also as a top 25 national mortgage originator. We understand the real estate service business, and we also understand your business. We know your issues, and more importantly we know how to solve them! Call us today (203) 929-1621.